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Extmage LinkRule

Magento Module "Openix LinkRule" is intended for automatic setting of connections between the goods in base of Magento system on the basis of rules.

Magento Module "Openix LinkRule"

Types of connections:

- The group products

- The tying products

- The similar products

- Cross products

Magento Module "Openix LinkRule"allows to create connections on the basis of rules, to switch on / switch off connections, to set dates action diapason for a rule.

Rules are set on the basis of three conditions: Conditions for the parental goods, Conditions for children goods, Conditions for connection.

Conditions for the parental goods determine for what goods connection will be created.

It can be the group goods to which will be attached simple ones, or any goods for which it is necessary to set connections with the similar, cross or tying products.

Conditions for children goods determine what products can be the tying, similar or cross, and also to be part of the group goods.

Conditions for connection set conditions of  parental and children products connection.

All conditions work as filters on the basis of goods attributes values. 

Magento Module "Openix LinkRule" actions

In an administrative part the element «Marketing →  Connections on the basis of rules» is added.

In the product in an administrative part the list of goods with which corresponding connection set is added on tabs «Joined products», «Tying products», «Similar products», «Cross sales». Connections set by rules can not be edited in the goods, they can be changed by changing conditions for rules. 


How it can be used?

For example there are such goods as laptops and bags for laptops in the online-store.

There are attributes in base with following values:

Type of goods

  1. laptop
  2. bag for laptop


  1. 14
  2. 15
  3. 17

It enables  us to connect by one rule all available laptops

with all bags of the suitable size.

In Conditions of the parental goods we shall choose: Type of product = laptop

In conditions of children goods we shall choose: Type of product = bag for laptop

To not create a separate rule for each size, we shall create the Condition for connection: Size equal. This condition will connect  laptops with bags for laptops basing on equality of size attribute values. 15 laptops will be connected with 15  bags for laptops and so on provided that the given attributes are filled at the connected goods. 

Manufacturer Extmage
Compatibility CE 1.4 - 1.6
License Commercial
Locale English (United States) - en_US, Russian (Russia) - ru_RU
Version 1.0.2

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