Magento Modules.

  1. Magento module - Cataloggroup

    Extmage Cataloggroup


    Magento Module "Extmage Cataloggroup" is intended for (useful/vivid) representation of the goods which have different variants of purchase and delivery. The module lets to make choice of the variant the customer needs by the means of multilevel filtration.
  2. Magento module - LinkRule

    Extmage LinkRule


    Magento Module "Openix LinkRule" is intended for automatic setting of connections between the goods in base of Magento system on the basis of rules.
  3. Magento module - Extoptions

    Extmage Extoptions


    Magento Module "Extmage Extoptions" is intended for setting "Cart options" for the goods, customer will be able to add additional information after the goods are in the cart.

  4. Magento module - Extdown

    Extmage Extdown


    Magento Module "Extmage Extdown" allows to make personal shipment of digital goods like licensed files.

  5. Magento module - Smartfilliate

    Extmage Smartfilliate


    Magento Module "Extmage Smartfilliate" gives tools for affiliates marketing programs (web resources owners) and partners programs (dealers). The module allows to make flexible settings of affiliates and partners rebates/payoffs using rules mechanism.

  6. Magento module - Extcache

    Extmage Extсache


    Magento Module "Extmage Extcache" is complex of tools intended for the acceleration of site pages generation, reducing the load on the database  and includes the module by itself and improved memcached.

  7. Magento module -Extpay

    Extmage Extpay


    Magento Module "Extmage Extpay" allows customer to pay for an order only after store administration order confirmation.

  8. Magento module - OrderDoc

    Extmage OrderDoc


    Module Magento Extmage OrderDoc allows to attach files to orders and order entities  (invoices, shipping documents). Attached files are sent to the customer email as an  attachments. Also all the files are available in the customer personal account.