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Extmage Cataloggroup

Magento Module "Extmage Cataloggroup" is intended for (useful/vivid) representation of the goods which have different variants of purchase and delivery. The module lets to make choice of the variant the customer needs by the means of multilevel filtration.

Magento Module "Extmage Cataloggroup"

Goods representation for user (customer) is similar to base representation of the catalogue in Magento. For a choice of a suitable purchase and delivery variant the multilevel filtration of the  goods list on the basis of values of attributes is used - layered navigation. It is convenient because variants of purchase and delivery are represented on one page of the goods with the name and the description. Filter can have several levels, it means that one variants of choice are accessible for user by another one. In this case variant of choice looks like “Wizard Mode”, it means that the system suggests more specify variants after the base variant has been chosen, at that the number of more specify variants depends of what the user has been chosen the step before. The variant of the single-type goods filtration can be described in the configuration and this configuration is attached to several goods.

Sorting inside the goods on attributes and values.

Similarly it is possible to set the order of base sorting of simple goods list  inside the group goods, for attributes participating in a filtration value of a level is set. First the list will be sorted on values of attribute of a level "1", then "2", etc. Last bottom level is "0". 

Magento Module "Openix Cataloggroup" actions

Adds in system new type of the goods – Cataloggroup

Adds in бекенд the creation and management of goods configurations tool. (Catalog → Product Configs → Cataloggroup Configs)

Adds system attributes to the goods:

Cataloggroup Config Select - Includes use of a configuration for the block of navigation creation in a product of the block of navigation in a product. 

Cataloggroup Configuration - Allows to choose a necessary configuration for the goods.

The dropping out list with the list of the kept configurations. 


It is enough to describe briefly difference of  a concrete variant from other in the brief description for the Simple goods which represent variants of purchase and delivery.  This description is represented in the list of purchase delivery variants. 


Manufacturer Extmage
Compatibility CE 1.4 - 1.6
License Commercial
Locale English (United States) - en_US, Russian (Russia) - ru_RU
Version 1.1.0

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